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Water Sports in Marmaris
Water Sports in Marmaris

Water Sports in Marmaris


Marmaris is a seaside resort in Turkey's Mulga Province. It is famous for being a yacht port and cruise ship, and it provides visitors and fun-seekers with a plethora of Marmaris Water Sports and Activities. It is without a doubt the ideal location to enjoy the finest of Marmaris Water Sports. In Marmaris, you'll discover a range of water sports that are ideal for all skill levels, including jet-skiing, parasailing, rafting, and canoeing. This area is becoming a meeting place for water sports fans, and it is rapidly becoming a haven for people who enjoy water sports. Water activities in Marmaris are fantastic. Here's a rundown of some of the aquatic activities you can do in this locale.

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(If you've ever ridden a jet-ski before, you already know how much fun it is. It's a high-powered water sport that every enthusiast will enjoy. It has all the characteristics of ice skating on water, with the added benefit of going as slowly or quickly as they choose. It's straightforward to learn, and once you're on board, you'll be shouting for more! If you don't mind getting damp and enjoy travelling at breakneck speed, then give it a shot.


When you visit Marmaris, enjoy massive pleasure when you get involved in water-skiing now and then. It's accessible to anyone who can stay upright. It is one of the most popular aquatic sports in Marmaris. When you acquire it, you'll undoubtedly become addicted, and as you advance, you'll be able to learn new skills and perform moves and tricks. Water-skiing in Marmaris is an exciting and memorable experience for most people.


Wakeboarding is gaining more recognition each year. It has been around for a while now. This is an exciting, high-speed sport that gets your adrenaline pumping. Wakeboarding is similar to water skiing, except attaching a short surfboard to your feet instead of a long one. Because it allows you to perform all sorts of acrobatics and dodges, as well as gain some fantastic air while doing it, this activity will undoubtedly appeal to you. You are sure to enjoy it.


This is another exciting water sport. Parasailing is when you ride in the back of a fast boat with a specially made parachute. You can enjoy a lovely view of the horizon and water on an exciting journey at any age. Flap your arms like a bird and have fun while flying like one. Please click the book now button to make your reservation.


Paddleboarding is a popular activity in Marmaris that is both challenging and soothing. Unlike surfing, you do not have to wait for the waves to try this fun-filled pastime. You may also choose how quickly you want to go, whether it's fast or slow. Paddleboarding frequently necessitates excellent balance abilities because it involves a lot of body positioning and fine footwork skills.


Kayaking is a fantastic Marmaris water activity that anybody can enjoy. If you aren't in excellent physical condition, it may be relaxing yet demanding. Kayaking is simple to learn and may be done in locations with water. It allows you to participate actively in the water and see stunning views of the gorgeous shoreline.

Jet Ski – 1 person 10 minutes 42£
Jet Ski – 1 persons 15 minutes 53 £
Parasailing – Single 7-10 minutes 53 £
Parasailing – Double 10 minutes 74 £ (2-People)
Banana – per person 15 minutes 12£
Ringo – per person 15minutes 20 £
Fly Fish 3 round 24£
Fly Board 15 minutes 82£
Water Ski 15 minutes 82£
Pedal Boat 1 hour 15 £
Canoe for 1 person 1 hour 15£


150 Horse Power – Max 6 people 1 Hour 165 £
115 Horse Power – Max 6 people 1 Hour 145 £
50 Horse Power – Max 4 people 1 Hour 95 £