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Turkish Bath in Marmaris
Turkish Bath in Marmaris
Turkish Bath in Marmaris
Turkish Bath in Marmaris
Turkish Bath in Marmaris
Turkish Bath in Marmaris

Turkish Bath in Marmaris


When you're in Marmaris, don't miss out on the well-known Turkish custom of Marmaris Turkish Bath. Give your trip to Marmaris a head start with a relaxing Turkish bath. The Hamam treatments in Marmaris prepare your body and soul for the days ahead. These treatments improve your tan and leave you feeling revitalized! For hundreds of years, hammam (Turkish bath) has been an essential element of Turkish culture. So when you visit Marmaris, follow in the footsteps of the Sultans: take a nice, leisurely Turkish bath!

During the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish bath was established as a ceremony. This ritual has been maintained through the ages since then. One of many aspects of Turkish culture nowadays, this bathing custom is one of many elements of Turkish heritage.

The popularity of Turkish baths among both residents and tourists has grown. Marmaris is home to a variety of facilities where visitors may participate in and enjoy this old-fashioned ritual. Participating in a Turkish bath excursion can be an exciting way to learn about the culture and the way of life of the people who live there. The Marmaris Turkish Bath is, without a doubt, one of the best locations for escaping the crowds while also allowing you to improve and enhance your vacations.

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Marmaris Turkish Bath

We will wait for you at the hotel while booking for the Turkish bath service as your tour operator. The typical session lasts around 2 hours. Most Turkish baths are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The first session begins at 10:00 AM and the last session finishes at 6:00 PM in most Turkish baths. Male and female masseurs are available here. Take your suits since the rest of the facilities are accessible. Children under the age of 7 are admitted for free, whereas children between 7 and 12 pay half price for a delightful Turkish bath.

Relaxation in Turkish Bath

When you get into the bath, you're given a key on a wristband that you can wear. You receive a pair of wooden clogs or slippers and a cotton wrap-around to cover your swimsuit. Then you enter the cubicle and exit with the cotton wrap-around. You have the option of wearing your swimsuit or leaving.

Now you're in a steamy, humid, and hot room with marble sitting. You may wear your bikini or leave it in the locker. Locks allow you to secure your belongings and valuables in lockers, which are available here. Traditional marble washbasins feature running hot and cold water that you may mix to your liking.

The central area of a Turkish bath has a high, bearable hot marble platform on which you can sit, lounge, and work up a sweat. Soak in the steam and unwind. After that, the masseuse applies some scrub to your skin before beginning a firm rub with rough loofa soil to remove layers of dead skin.

Then you have an invigorating foam massage and an aromatherapy-oil massage to soothe you. The masseuse uses light, soothing strokes over your bones and muscles to give you that heavenly sensation! All of these treatments help you achieve a general sense of inner peace. While taking a Turkish bath on the first day of your Marmaris vacation is certainly a smart idea, it's also suggested finishing up your trip with some exercise. Even after returning to your hotel, you will treasure this long-lasting freshness.

When is the best time to go?

Marmaris Turkish bath, as previously stated, is a very soothing experience. As a result, you may participate at any time of your holiday. However, if you want a deeper tan, the Turkish bath is strongly recommended during your vacation's first days. More specifically, the Turkish bath aids in skin revitalization. During the sauna section of your session, your body will release all traces of pollutants while also removing all dead cells from your full body scrubbing. After that, your skin will be ready to absorb the sun and acquire a smoother and healthier colouration.

Hamam Tour

There are several options for joining the action. You may enter this journey at any time that works best for you, every day. This pastime is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it can be done from early in the morning till late afternoon. A fully air-conditioned car will pick you up from your hotel and deliver you to the hammam, where you may unwind in relative comfort. The entire experience lasts around 2 hours, during which you will enjoy a sauna, a full body scrub, and foam and oil treatment. At its conclusion, our staff will carry you back to your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Marmaris Turkish bath is a fun pastime for everyone. In general, it's ideal for single travellers looking to unwind, couples wanting a romantic and revitalizing experience, and groups of friends. However, the most intriguing feature is that Turkish baths are also great for families with little children. Allow your children to enjoy the treatment while you relax and receive the therapeutic advantages of the Turkish bath.

Spa Experience

Except for the genuine and traditional Turkish bath experience, hammams also provide a variety of other treatments. In particular, they offer several spa-like services, such as massages and facials. After the Turkish bath, those who wish may pay extra to enjoy additional relaxing and rejuvenating sessions there. The hammam's expert professionals can help you enhance your visit by providing you with a comprehensive treatment that is unique for you and your skin type and specific requirements.

The Hammam

Turkish baths are referred to as hammams. Participants will be taken to an exceptional hammam renowned for preserving its ancient and traditional character for this relaxing activity. There is a perfect serene atmosphere inside the facility, with dedicated personnel ensuring your rest and regeneration. The hammam has numerous rooms, one for each phase of the treatment. In addition, the hammam offers a variety of other relaxing treatments in addition to conventional ones.

A Turkish bath is a unique way to learn more about a nation's culture and customs while also being a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Your mind and body will be revitalized and revitalized for the rest of the holiday with a two-hour duration. This magnificent activity includes a two-way transportation service from and to your hotel. Comprehensive insurance is provided as you are our top priority in terms of safety. It also consists of a Turkish bath treatment that consists of sauna, body scrubbing, foam and oil massage. Please be aware that the price does not include any food, beverages, tips, or other personal costs. Finally, extra hammam services require an additional fee.

The Marmaris Turkish bath is a fun and relaxing activity for everyone. In general, there are no age limits to participate. However, persons who have asthma are not permitted to take part because of the sauna stage. Please remind to bring your bathing suit and comfortable clothes, and shoes on the day of the event. You'll also need to get your hair shampoo since you'll need to clean your hair.

If you want, bring your camera and take some photos before and after the procedure to preserve the moment and create long-lasting memories. You may store your camera at your locker during the treatment.