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Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tourp
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour

Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour


Do you yearn for more adrenaline on your Marmaris holiday this time? In the form of Marmaris Jeep Safari, an adventure awaits you. You'll be delighted as you explore the region's terrain around the beautiful Bozburun Peninsula and the Marmaris National Park in military-designed Jeeps or all-terrain vehicles. Moving in a jeep at full speed over a well-trodden track against strong winds that strike your face full force will be fantastic! Marmaris Jeep Safari Trips deliver the right combination of excitement and trepidation during one-day excursions.

Appoint a convoy for you and conduct your vehicle with teams among the unique mud, asphalt, water, and sand tracks that are free of the congested traffic you usually see in Marmaris' tourism areas. Explore fascinating hamlets, beautiful waterfalls, river streams, beautiful beaches, and other lovely places around Marmaris' stunning natural environment.

However, as all the vehicles travel at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour, you will not need to worry about safety. You won't require a driving license because expert ATV drivers can operate the Jeep for you.

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Jeep Safari Tour in Marmaris

The duration of a typical Jeep Safari Trip in Marmaris is about 6-8 hours. These safari trips can be taken from Marmaris, Icmeler, and Armutalan every day from April to October. The cost of the journey includes pick-up and drop-off services as well as insurance. Bring your sunscreen with you if you plan on using it during the trip. The trip starts at around 9:30 a.m from your hotel and lasts until about 5 p.m. when you will return to your accommodation in Marmaris or another resort areas.

Feel the nature and fun with Marmaris Jeep Safari

While on your trip, you'll get to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of nature while relaxing in a swimming hole beside the waterfalls and Jesus Beach near Orhaniye village. You may also socialize with the local people where you can learn about their everyday lives and other activities. The experienced drivers bring you back to the neighbouring restaurant, where you are treated to a traditional Turkish lunch prepared by typical rural women based on your preferences.

With each journey around Marmaris, you will be able to experience better social interaction. Another advantage of this excursion is that there is no age restriction for the thrilling jeep safari. This interesting cross-country trip led by professionals provides an unforgettable experience.

Discover the countryside

Marmaris offers a unique experience that perfectly balances magnificent beaches with the picturesque countryside that is ideal for exploration. While there are different options for touring the peaceful and beautiful countryside, a Jeep Safari is one of the finest. This trip ensures that you will spend a great day in the mountains surrounding Marmaris. Adrenaline, enthusiasm, and adventure are just a few of the things you can anticipate during this trip. This journey will also provide you with an excellent chance to admire the natural beauty, breathe clean air, and visit some lovely villages.

Itinerary for the Jeep Safari in Marmaris

Every day during the morning, Jeep Safari occurs. You will be picked up from your hotel in Marmaris and transferred to a location where other Jeeps are parked. The caravan will set out for the mountains and begin driving you along with you. Several halts will occur while on-road driving is attempted to provide you with an incredible experience. Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey are located along this route, and you will have the opportunity to bathe in their emerald waters. A brief stop at a tiny village also occurs, where you can meet and interact with locals. The Marmaris Jeep Safari takes about 7 hours to complete. At the end of the trip, the Jeeps will return you to your hotel.

Off-Road Driving Experience

For this full-day excursion, you'll journey in Jeep vehicles, which are ideal for off-road exploration. When the Jeeps reach the mountain, prepare for an ultra-enthralling and enjoyable off-road driving experience. The Jeeps will travel across dusty, wet, and muddy trails. You'll also be travelling over a variety of natural barriers, such as tiny creeks and boulders. You and your family or your friends will have a truly remarkable and exciting off-road journey. It's worth noting that you may rent water pistols and participate in an exciting water fight between the vehicles.

Who is eligible to participate?

Exploring the countryside of Marmaris is an exciting yet tranquil experience. It must be mentioned that there are no restrictions on who may participate. People with physical impairments and pregnant women, however, are not eligible to participate for safety reasons. The trip is suitable for individuals of all ages who wish to take part in a different activity while in Marmaris as a solo traveller, a couple, a group of friends or a family. Solo travellers, families, couples, groups of friends are welcome to join.

Is it secure?

Except for your adventure day, our team highly values your safety. The Jeep Safari is defined as a safe activity since it meets all required safety regulations set by the relevant authorities. Furthermore, the Jeeps are well maintained and go through regular mechanic and safety inspections to ensure your safety. Finally, participants will be fully insured so that you may enjoy this experience with no concerns or stress.

Children will love it

The Marmaris Jeep Safari is a wonderful excursion for people of all ages. It's the ideal getaway from the crowds and a fantastic way to see the countryside. Children are welcome on this excursion since it meets stringent safety criteria for cars and the overall structure. If you want to go on this trip with your family, There's nothing to be concerned about. For a fun day out, take your children to the island's numerous attractions. They may also participate in the water fights and have a day full of joy and laughter. Please keep in mind that an English-speaking guide will be with you on the Jeep Safari. The responsibility for assisting you and your children, if necessary, will be placed on the guide. As a result, go along with the flow and enjoy yourself.

The Marmaris Jeep Safari is a full-day excursion into the countryside. Participants may enjoy an exciting off-road experience, see several fascinating sites, and spend a day surrounded by nature for 7 hours during the tour. From and to your hotel in Marmaris, the price includes a two-way transfer. Complete insurance is also included for your safety and convenience. Furthermore, the cost includes an English-speaking guide who will walk with you throughout the sites of interest and pay entrance fees on your behalf. A fantastic lunch that will be eaten at a typical local eatery is also included in the price. This trip's package rate does not cover drinks and other personal expenses.

This excursion includes a swim at the waterfalls where participants can relax and unwind. You must bring your swimsuit and a towel with you on this journey because it will include a stop at the waterfalls where people may bathe. Comfortable clothes and shoes are required for this activity. Avoid flip flops and sleepers while wearing shoes. Also, during the summer months, Marmaris has hot temperatures. Sun cream, sunglasses, and a hat are strongly encouraged due to the intense sunlight in Marmaris. Finally, don't forget your camera if you want to capture some fantastic snaps during this 7-hour tour.